tom martinelli

This is an abbreviated range of works on paper from 1983 to about 2015. Some of the works were made in relation to series of (then current) paintings but other pieces were experimental and outside the focus of any particular body of work. At times being in the realm of totally unstructured "play. They are (mostly) arranged time-linear although I go back and forth in time with ideas, i.e., the current paintings I am working on had beginnings in paperworks I did in 2001 which re-emerged in spurts over the past 2 decades. Also many of the works on paper are appraoched in regard to the 'feel' of the material which guided the exchange. When full attention to the material in hand is driving the process the works are sometimes created rapidly. Some works are from dreams (they are labeled such.) Oddly (to me anyway) I tend to dream paintings that are pretty in line with my aesthetic. Maybe I am just working stuff out in my sleep. Mostly 2007. This isn't a definitive statement. Evertything I am stating is true much of the time but not all of the time.